The facts

Utilization of existing resources

Used or old cranes can
can be reused. Depending on the
condition a partial or full modernization can extend the operational lifetime of a crane decisively. You will be amazed at the potential of your old crane.

Low investment costs

The cost of modernizing an existing crane is
one third of the procurement of a new crane.

Short delivery time

The delivery time is considerably shorter than
the procurement of a new crane. Your crane will be state-of-the-art within just a few months after the order has been received.

Increasing turnover

The handling performance increases without
changing the crumbs. Your crane will work more precisely, more efficiently and economically and will offer the driver improved ergonomics. But most important: Your crane will have a significantly lower downtime.

Falling operating costs

The frequency inverter-driven motors are considerably more energy-efficient than conventionally controlled slip-ring rotor motors.

Reduced maintenance

Modern three-phase motors and electronic controls have no wearing parts and the gentle driving mode increases the operational lifetime of the mechanical wear parts: Maintenance intervals will extend.

Improved availability

The availability will significantly increase by lowering down times for repairs.
With the help of an electronic diagnostic system, faults can be located and resolved in no time.

Extended lifetime

By reducing the dynamic load on the structure, the operational lifetime of the crane will increase.

Improved ease of use

With state-of-the-art technology, comfortable driver’s chairs and a clear arrangement of all control elements, the operating comfort will be significantly increased which also improves the safe operation of the crane decisively.

Reduced planning effort

As a partner for the realization of new cranes, we offer ready-made concepts and complete system components. The design, programming and production of the switchgear is realized by us. The pre-tested components only need to be assembled. A complete commissioning of the electrical switchgear is carried out by us on site.

Assistance with installation documents

We offer expert support for all installation documents of electrical components such as cable routing plans. The choice of the assembly materials as well as the delivery of these materials can be given to our responsibility.