A crane must operate reliably and economically. If your crane does not fulfill these conditions any more, a modernization can be more economical than procuring a new crane.

The efficiency of existing structures and facilities can be improved by a crane modernization.
Modernized cranes offer:

  • Longer operational lifetime,
  • increased efficiency,
  • Reliability and safety.

This will lower your operating and maintenance costs of your cranes.

We are at your disposal with our know-how. Proven mechanics sometimes only need advanced controls and control technologies to meet the modern requirements.

Efficiency is improved by increasing reliability and lowering maintenance costs. Energy consumption can also be decisively reduced. The use of state-of-the-art technology results in a considerable extension of the operational lifetime. Together we will develop a modernization concept that fulfills your company’s requirements while considering your crane’s capabilities.

With our modular system, we can also elaborate sophisticated partial solutions and assemble them according to your needs.