Earlier: DC- and wound-rotor motor with high wear and spare parts requirements.

Motor früher

Today: Frequency inverter-controlled asynchronous motors with speed monitoring and low maintenance

Motor heute

Limit switch technology

Earlier: Complicated to adjust and space-consuming end switches.

Endschalter früher

Today: Easily adjustable geared cam limit switches, with incremental encoders for distance measurement and gripper adjustment.

Endschalter heute


Earlier: Unregulated switching technology with air-break contactors.The procurement of spare parts has become expensive or even impossible.

Schaltanlage früher

Today: Regulated drive technology with state-of-the-art control- and diagnostic systems. Safe, reliable operation with low maintenance.

Schaltanlage heute


Earlier: Uncomfortable seating position for the crane operator in an undamped folding seat.

Kabine früher

Today: Ergonomic and comfortable seating position in a modern, air-conditioned crane-cabin.

Kabine heute

Operating elements

Earlier: The two-lever operation of the holding and closing winch does not allow safe and even load transport.

Bedienelemente früher

Today: Safe, smooth speed control and automatic load distribution.
Clean layout, efficient status displays.

Bedienelemente heute

Cable drum

Earlier: Manual cable drum with counterweight; limited safety mechanisms.

Kabeltrommel früher

Today: Motor cable drum with magnetic coupling and cam limit switch. Equipped with a cable rocker and monitoring limit switches.

Kabeltrommel heute